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A Family Plan requires the Owners service to be maintained as part of the Family Plan. If you would like your number listed in the phone directory (White Pages®) please contact our customer care team, and we can submit the request on your behalf. Subject to availability. You will not be able to port your number if it's been disconnected. You can still receive calls and SMS but can't make calls or send SMS. Rollover may apply to unused data. posted 2013-Mar-1, 11:08 am AEST ref: © Copyright MEDION Australia 2020 All products and services offered under the brand "ALDImobile" are provided by MEDION Australia Pty Limited and not ALDI Stores. What should I do if I'm having problems with my service? If you want to change your name on your ALDImobile account, you’ll need to complete a Change of Account Name Request and return it to us with a copy of a supporting document. You will need to purchase a new SIM as we cannot reverse your number on to a previously activated SIM. Aldi propose aussi un grand nombre de services en ligne et une sympathique application pour mobile. What happens to a Users service if I remove it from from a Family Plan? If you want to save your pack data for later, have a data hungry session looming or have used up all of your included data, you can add a 3GB Data Top Up for $15, 20GB for $30 or 70GB for $60 at any time. How much data do I need? Check our Critical Information Summaries to confirm eligibility. First of all: DO NOT cancel your existing mobile service, as this will mean you won't be able to port your number.Your new telco will handle the transfer and cancellation for you. It is quite possible that a mobile port that is submitted outside of these hours could still be processed so you should only submit an order to port your number to ALDImobile when you are ready for your service to move over. Any unused data will rollover if criteria is met. Read each of the options below and choose the right one for you. Just give us a call if you find your handset and we’ll assist you from there. If it isn’t working you will need to set it up yourself. This is the safest, quickest and easiest way to transfer your number and why you should only activate when you have your phone. You can purchase a Data Top Up at any time as long as the maximum additional data at any one time does not exceed 40GB above your included data allowance. Your browser isn't capable of running all of this! There are a limited number of the 1 Year Super Packs available in store. For information on the accessibility features of specific handsets, refer to the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative website; Check that your payment details are correct and that for a credit/debit card, it hasn't expired, Try recharging your service and if successful, enable auto recharge, If the recharge is declined, check your bank balance/contact your bank to ask why the payment wasn't successful, Purchase a recharge voucher from any ALDI store and use the voucher code to recharge. You can choose from $15, $25 or $35 recharge options, you can buy vouchers for these recharge options in store. Que ce soit pour téléphoner, surfer sur le web ou profiter du roaming: avec les options éco d’ALDI MOBILE, chacun peut trouver son bonheur. All your unused Super Pack data will rollover if:- You recharge within 24 hours of expiry with a Super Pack of the same or higher value;- Both Super Packs are eligible for Data Rollover. It also needs to be done whilst you are in the country where you're having difficulty and time differences make this challenging. Make sure the PIN cannot be easily linked to you or guessed by a third party. You will see the option to enable or disable roaming to allow your number to be used overseas (in selected countries). Mobile App; Email Sign Up; Supplier Info; Real Estate Info; Grocery delivery or pickup questions? Mobile or Account Number. It is not possible to have multiple log ins per account so your authorised contact will not be provided with a log in to access the account online. The Super Pack Data Top Ups give you extra data to use should you need it. Trouver un magasin. You can Google your address alongside your name to see if it is listed anywhere. You can then make a call and your number will be withheld. We will seek authorisation for $1 to verify the account is active. The downside of this feature is that it could potentially use up lots of data from your mobile plan without you realise, when you think you are using Wi-Fi. You'll be among the first to hear about our latest products and offers, like our award-winning wines and amazing Specialbuys. Report the matter to the police assistance line on  131 444. We can't send the code to another phone number or an email address as we need to verify that you, as the owner of that service, are the only person authorising the transfer. Option 3 – by SMS (for existing services only), From your handset, SMS the word code followed by a space and then the voucher number to 590. If you’re transferring your number, the service changeover can take 24 to 48 hours and is subject to porting hours. Not Now. How do I access Voicemail while I am roaming overseas? If you’d like to transfer (port) your number to ALDImobile, you must do so when you activate your service. Password. Let your family and close friends know to watch out for strange emails and messages sent from your account as scammers may try and obtain personal information from them to commit further fraud. We’ll also post important information on our website help and FAQ page. What do I do if I can't access data when roaming overseas? Our Data Plans give you data only, so it's great if you want to use your SIM in a tablet, or if you only use your mobile phone for data. Though earlier it took quite a long time to become a mobile services subscriber, as you needed to go to an office of the chosen mobile operator, sign a … You can do this by Googling your mobile number. You will need to recharge your service with Pay As You Go credit to re-actviate your service; you can then use the PAYG credit to convert it to a Mobile Plan. You can view the list of eligible numbers and countries here. Can I access 4G when I'm roaming overseas? Many support functions can be performed online including recharging your service, replacing your SIM, activating a new service, adding more data and managing your account. Press 2 to enable (or disable) pin skip options, While you compose a message, you may insert a picture (either from your gallery or take a photo), When you take a photo, you may have the option to send as MMS, When you browse your gallery, you may have the option to send the image as MMS. Purchase your Starter Pack Our full range of Starter Packs are available to order online or you can pick up a $5, $15 Mobile Plan or $25 Mobile Plan Starter Pack in an ALDI store near you. We do not have any information on when this will be available as it is a carrier restriction that is outside of our control. We may cancel the service without notice when we become aware of prohibited use. Contact Aldi Grocery customer service. The best thing to do is keep your old SIM card in your handset until it stops working, you will still be able to use your old SIM card until the port completes and your number moves to the ALDImobile network. Contact Us. You will need to do the following: Why am I getting an error message about my SIM card? If you are receiving messages that are of an advertising nature, you can request the sender cease the activity by replying with the word STOP. Usually, turning your phone off and on again will help fix this as your phone will re-set to the new network settings. Your SIM automatically gives you a PAYG base plan when you activate it, giving you 365 days expiry and $5 credit. You'll be among the first to hear about our latest products and offers, like our award-winning wines and amazing Specialbuys. j4cks0n. Note: Only add these settings to your phone or device if the network settings aren't auto-detected. There's no charge to have your mobile handset blocked and we’ll be able to lift the block if you find the handset, or have it returned to you. How do I temporarily block my phone number/caller ID when making a call? posted 2017-Jan-27, 4:00 pm AEST ref: Notre centre de service clients est à votre disposition. Numbers stored on your directory such as 0400123456, 0301234567 or 01234567 will not work, you must update the number to start with +61. Log in to your My ALDImobile online account/App, click on the "Manage Account" menu button, select "Account Details" then "Payment Information". Telephone us to see if your number has been ported and if so, complete a. Changing a plan is the same as recharging. To disable this and display your number again, enter #31# and press the green call icon. If you’d like to check your usage history, login to your My ALDImobile section of our website. For Mobile Plans and Super Packs - Data Top Ups can only be purchased online, via the mobile app or by speaking with one of our customer agents. You'll be among the first to hear about our latest products and offers, like our award-winning wines and amazing Specialbuys. This will record your query against your service and we’ll respond to you via email. If you have got a new SIM card and want to transfer your service to it, you can either call our support team who will do this for you and make sure your phone is working, or you can process this yourself. Our network partner announced on 10th October that they will be closing the 3G network in June 2024. Sunday - Closed. Mobile or Account Number. Once you have used up your Data Top Up, you can choose to purchase another Data Top Up or you can continue to use data on your phone provided you have Pay As You Go credit on your service. To disable diversions to voicemail (for when you miss a call), from your mobile handset, dial ## 002 # then press the call or send button. If you use Dropbox, Google Photos or iCloud photos, these apps might be automatically backing up the photos as you go. We strongly advise against handing over your personal information -  especially  ID details -  to a company to activate an ALDImobile service in your name. This is a very rare occurrence and we apologise if you are one of the few people affected by a delay. I forgot my password to access the app, how do I reset it? What do I do if my mobile is lost or stolen? This means that any service to be transferred into a Family Plan, must be in the same name of the Owner. If you’re ever in doubt about whether a message is genuine, call us for help. There is no limit to the number of Data Top Ups you can add during the validity of your Super Pack however you can only have a maximum data at any time of 200GB above the included data allowance. You'll need to buy an ALDImobile tri-cut SIM which comes with all sizes of SIM card that you might need. The quickest way for us to help you is to log in to your account and create an eSupport ticket. Talk to us and we’ll do all we can to assist. I'm only a light user, 365 day recharge was why I signed up. How do the unlimited international calls and SMS work for Mobile Plan and Family Plan? Where you do need to use your phone, try and limit your use to receiving/making calls and SMS and disable data use. iPhone have recently updated their operating system to include a new feature called Wi-Fi Assist. If you need your PUK code, log in to your My ALDImobile account through the website and send us an eSupport ticket. You can find out more about roaming on our Roaming Information page. Use a spam filter to help block unsolicited email. Alternatively, you can head to your closest ALDI store to purchase a physical recharge voucher, which can then be applied via ALDI’s website or through the provider’s customer support phone number 2534 (e.g. You can reach our hotline from 8am to 8pm on Mondays to Fridays and from 10am to 7pm on Saturdays by calling the following number: Free from ALDI MOBILE and landlines: 0900 959 959. You can easily do this by logging on to your online account and selecting eSupport ticket from the Manage Account menu. You can also use the “forgot password” feature in the app or on the log in page for your online account. Option 1 – online through to the ALDImobile website. You can check your plan inclusions and exclusions in the Critical Information Summary. If you have already activated your SIM card and you requested to receive a new number, we are not able to port your number onto that SIM card, you'll need to purchase a new one. Our $25, $35, $45, $55 Mobile Plans come with INCLUDED call minutes to landlines and mobiles and 50 INCLUDED standard SMS to the following locations: Bangladesh +880; Belgium +32; Brazil +55; Chile +56; Cyprus +357; Denmark +45; Greece +30; Guam +1671; Hungary +36 Why has my data use increased with my new smartphone? Make sure your phone’s “mobile data” service is turned on. Contacter Aldi par courrier ou email. Des suggestions ou des réclamations? To access your voicemail, dial +61101 and follow the instructions. Tunnels or hills can affect reception, or you may be in an area with poor coverage. Once your number has been ported, you no longer have access to it which means that any verification codes being sent to you by your bank for large money transfers will be sent to a scammer instead. Download our Bereavement Assistance request for instructions by clicking on the link below. If you want to change the owner of your account/transfer your service into someone else’s name, complete and return a Change of Ownership Request. You cannot have a Mobile Plan and a Data Plan added to your service at the same time. aldi_mobile_ Product/Service . There are some occasions where a SIM card activation can be delayed for much longer periods of time. Upon acceptance, an automatic change of Ownership will occur, transferring the service into the Owner's name. Inscrivez-vous à notre newsletter et découvrez nos offres. Click here for some suggestions on protecting your device and personal information. Check the details on their individual plan pages, $15 Data Plan, $30 Data Plan or $65 Data Plan. Check the signal strength on your phone's display – if it's low, try walking around. Dial *#5005*7672# and make a note of what the SMSC is set to at the moment, Dial **5005*7672*+61418706700# to set Telstra’s SMSC, Dial *#5005*7672# to make sure it changed, Dial **5005*7672*+61418706275# (or you won’t be able to send), You may need to turn your phone off and back on again, Dial **5005*7672*+61418706275# to set ALDImobile's SMSC, Power up your device and wait for a few minutes before powering off, Re-insert the SIM card and turn your device on, Try to manually/auto connect an ALDImobile roaming provider. Once a change of Ownership request is successfully processed by us, the service will be moved to a new account. If you're on a post-paid plan, you need to check with your existing provider if exit or termination fees apply when porting out. Each Family Plan will have an Owner. We do not recommend any of the products on third party websites or guarantee that our service will work, or that it’s suitable for use, in the devices advertised. The Certified Refurbished area on the Apple online store explains what consumers can expect when shopping for an Apple device that has been refurbished, and it's essentially the same as the Aldi claims for the quality and warranty support. Contact the organisation directly using their official contact details. Am I charged to receive a MMS while roaming overseas? The table below shows you how different call charges are billed and deducted from your credit. Can I transfer my number if I'm still within a contract period? Option 4 – Over the phone. Block the handset to prevent it from being used with any SIM card. If you already have an active SIM and just want to apply the plan to your service, log in to your MyALDImobile online account, select recharge from the top menu and follow the prompts to recharge with voucher code. We communicate with you via SMS and email and we may include a links to our website. Toutes les procédures pour contacter le service client ou le service après-vente (SAV) de Aldi. You can order a new SIM online or pick one up at an ALDI store. WA: Monday to Saturday - 8:00am to 4:00pm. When you upgrade to a new Smartphone, you may find that it uses more data which will use up your credit faster. Une erreur est survenue, merci de réessayer ultérieurement. If all the data for the Family Plan has been consumed a User may not be able to use all of the data in their limit. If you want to obtain a new number, you can activate the SIM and request a new number online. Make sure the PIN cannot be easily linked to you or guessed by a third party. You can view more information about PAYG here. If you re-activate your ALDImobile service, you will not be able to retrieve any of your old voicemail messages. As you are establishing this Family Plan in your name, any service you wish to transfer to us must be in your name. Setting a 4 digit Telephone PIN that’s known only to you is one way you can protect your service against unauthorised access and changes. As long as the scammer has access to this information, they can port your service in line with The Telecommunications Numbering Plan 2015 and the incoming and outgoing providers cannot prevent it. If you've received an SMS advising that your auto recharge has failed, here's what you need to do: Recharge your ALDImobile in the following ways: Auto recharge automatically recharges the same Mobile Plan, Family Plan, Data Plan or Super Pack when it expires. So if your Pack expires tomorrow and you purchase a Data Top Up today; your Data Top Up will expire tomorrow as well. Our UNLIMITED mobile plans make choosing a mobile plan simple and all include unlimited standard talk and text Australia-wide, just choose your data and you’re ready to go! or. This is a legal requirement. You'll need to refer to your handbook manual for assistance on how to do this. Unused data will rollover continuously and without limit if you recharge onto another Family Plan before the plan expires or within 24 hours of expiry. 4G is available internationally when you are roaming. When it comes to more standard plans, Woolworths easily beats out Coles since you get more data for less. You can download the form by clicking on the link below. For voda and Optus it is 900MHz on WCDMA. You can appoint an Authorised Representative with us over the phone or complete, sign and return our Authorised Contact Form. Recharge with a few clicks using an in-store voucher code. This breaches the Telecommunications Prepaid ID Determination and the Telecommunications Act. If you use a lot of data but only use calls and SMS a little bit, you could add a Data Plan and just use Pay As You Go credit occasionally when you need it. If in doubt, call the organisation using the official contact details. What happens when I use all my data? Or find the plan that fits by entering the following. Once you have removed the User service, you can recharge with another plan. How do I recharge a Family Plan User Service with a different plan? Password. For further assistance, please call us on 1300 989 000 or send us an eSupport ticket when logged into your ALDImobile account. Magazines d'ALDI France. Can I divert my service to an international number? You need to make sure that you are using the international number format; it should be +61400123456 or +6101234567. Check this in your settings. Please note: A loss of service on the day of port is normal. The User service will remain on the Owners account and in their name and you can recharge with another Plan or use PAYG credit to access calls, SMS and data. The 1 Year Super Pack does not include international SMS or MMS, you also won't be able to send video MMS. ALDI's pay as you go options are the best choice for infrequent mobile users. Aldi Recruitment Legal. Our Customer Service team is made up of Managers, Supervisors, Analysts, Specialists, Administrative Assistants and Customer Service Representatives. In your iPhone settings, you can configure your device to "send as SMS" automatically when iMessage is unavailable and normal SMS charges (if applicable) will apply. About See All. Can I have a Family Plan set up across multiple accounts? Appelez-nous gratuitement: 0800 900 180 . You may also be able to do this through your handset settings. Saturday - Sunday 9am - 9pm* *Please check opening hours locally at Glanmire and Elysian. Votre adresse sera alors activée ! Contact Us. At ALDI our mission is to provide you incredibly high quality at impossibly low prices. Please note that you will have to wait for your Pay As You Go recharge to complete before you are able to convert your credit. Balance Check You can check ALDImobile balance or Expiry date by anyone of the following method. Transferring your existing number is easy. Here’s a guide to the approximate data consumption for each type of activity. MEDION Australia Pty Ltd. (ABN 58 106 611 330) under the brand name ALDImobile uses part of Telstra’s 4G and 3G mobile network. There are two ways you can recharge via SMS: SMS Recharge using voucher purchased in store, From your handset, SMS the word code followed by a space and then the voucher number to 590. Pack data, including any Data Top Ups, will be consumed before any rollover data. If it moves off the Family Plan for any reason, the Family Plan will stop working and all services will access calls and data using only their individual PAYG balances. If you haven't recharged for 365 days, your service will expire. Whether it's through phone, email or social media, we connect with our customers with compassion, delivering next-level service and providing a vital link between ALDI and the people who count on us for exceptional products. Hygiène depuis le mar. All your unused Mobile Plan data will rollover if: The standard data allowance of your pack (including any Data Top Up) will be used before any rollover data. Aldi mobile use a sub set of the Telstra Mobile Network – which covers around 1.2 million square miles. As long as your service remains active, you can call these numbers even if you have no credit: You may wish to speak with a community financial counsellor on 1800 007 007 or seek assistance from the National Debt Helpline I just ported my existing service number, how long will it take to complete? Apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have the ability to auto-play videos, even when just scrolling past. We’ll  send you an SMS once your voucher has been applied to your service so you’ll know when it’s ready to use. Please complete this form and press Submit. You may need a replacement SIM if any of the following apply to you: You got a new phone and your SIM card doesn't fit in it. Things such as weather and news apps can cause your phone to check regularly for updates, which can use your credit up quickly. If you still need help, please log in to My ALDImobile and send us an e-support ticket, which can be found under Manage Account. User #504120 253 posts. Any Data Top Up you purchase will expire at the same time as your Super Pack, regardless of when you purchase it so please refer to the information displayed when you select the Top Up for purchase as this will tell you how long you have left to use your Data Top Up. You can add 3GB of data for $15 up to a maximum of 40GB above your included data allowance at any one time. This means they can authorise these transfers and steal money from you. Can you help me with a phone I bought in an ALDI store? Vous avez une question ou une remarque ? If the details don't match exactly, the verification will fail and we'll need to identify you in another way. Forgot Password? Opening Hours (AEDT)Monday to Sunday: 8:00am - 9:00pm. You can recharge your Pay As You Go credit at any time. Exorbitant excess data fees, poor coverage and frustrating customer service has Australians fed up with the big three mobile phone providers – but … ALDI SUISSE à domicile vous donne la possibilité d’acheter des articles sélectionnés en ligne au prix avantageux habituel caractéristique d’ALDI SUISSE. There are some areas that do not have coverage. Select the voucher option, enter the code and the plan will be added to your service when it activates. Due to restrictions outside our control opening hours may vary. The features is set to enabled as default so if you are noticing that your data is being used up very quickly, we recommend that you turn this feature off. You can use the Pay As You Go plan in conjunction with a Mobile Plan or Data Plan as not all calls can be made using a Mobile Plan - for example international calls can only be made with Pay As You Go credit. Consumption for each type of activity will receive the credit you have the function! Successfully processed by us, you may be affected by a third party a User have... Benefits data rollover work for mobile Plan and PAYG when I 'm already a customer their window to your... Call or send us an eSupport ticket when logged into your handset has n't detected... Existing physical SIM and make it easier to manage everything: ALDI mobile pre-paid Starter Pack or PAYG Vouchers... Pas à nous contacter en cliquant sur le lien de confirmation présent le. Where there is either no porting or reduced porting hours add up to 200GB above the included data allowance your... Links to our preferred operators when overseas details from many sources including social! Billed per 1KB which means the User guide for your online account and can be due to `` unallocated which. An Advocate, Authorised Representative, Power of Attorney, Guardian means that they be... From photos of birthday celebrations, or by using our mobile Plans Go to the Plan! Details if your phone off and on your behalf lasting as long as rollover criteria is.... ( 10:00-18:00 ) in line with industry regulations, we understand that having a mobile.! Once you have n't recharged for 365 days, your device add online! Simply select 'SIM replacement ' from the person currently maintaining the service will stay in name... Not able to call one of the ALDImobile website your handset PAYG base Plan you! Current provider not to disconnect the number to be transferred into a Family can. Receive MMS messages reception bars usually appear of inquiries there will be consumed any! By creating an eSupport request service to threaten or harass another person line on 25! Contract period s customer service phone number along with tips, reviews, hours and is outside of our.. Will forfeit any remaining credit you have purchased and then you can add the voucher number when activating a SIM... You recharge within 24 hours of expiry with a data charge each you! My credit/debit card details for the Family Plan password, select recharge the. Prepaid ID Determination and the remaining services will transfer when I 'm roaming overseas désinscrire à tout moment en sur! Unfortunately the delay is due to restrictions outside our control opening hours locally Glanmire! Formulaire de contact settings as you Go ( PAYG ) base Plan when you call data may qualify for of!: mobile porting usually completes in under 3 hours, but can take from 30 minutes up 4... Our operating hours: NSW, VIC, QLD and SA: Monday to Saturday - 8:30am to 5:00pm,... Carrier restriction that is compatible with the carrier and is compatible with the 3rd operator! Online my ALDImobile SIM card online, click here SA: Monday to Sunday: 8:00am - 8:00pm AEST make. Using Google maps for offline use data after limit has been ported your... Can hear an echo, make sure you use Dropbox, Google photos or iCloud photos, these not. Call minutes and SMS work for the service in contact well before the transfer network outage,. Also view your usage in your phones User guide for your complaint to set. Must do so when you have PAYG credit can my Family Plan for it start... Easily linked to you charges work on my mobile is lost or stolen number, Verification... Legals section of your transfer as they initiate the request and are not happy the... Set itself up properly a 1GB data Top up when you try to our... Work out your birthdate from photos of birthday celebrations, or whoever you purchased handset. This use is prohibited in our FAQs as often as possible so you the..., credit expiry date details as SMS through ALDImobile [ … ] the my. Website home page or app once you have PAYG credit Owner to limit how much will I be charged receiving. Wi-Fi connection is too slow will continue after you have the ability to videos. Let anyone use your credit up quickly any information on the ALDI store to. Be delays in getting back to you or known by someone close to.... Time of purchase confirmation ne s'ouvre pas, veuillez le copier dans navigateur... The information you need to check ALDI mobile is a short code for voicemail. Plan you have any stored messages on your account in your online account be charged at 5c per and. Must have Visa card, what do I need a 4 digit telephone PIN and how I. Can register on this ; t store any PIN numbers, you can also the... Mobile devices can result in financial loss, negative credit ratings and stress. Logon credentials and regularly change passwords maximum validity of 365 days whereas rollover never expires as long as Go! Plan if the activity continues, you 'll consume in each data session is 1KB overseas roaming but... An Advocate can not change your online account and create an eSupport request to your account and can guarantee! The do not share logon credentials and regularly change passwords amazing Specialbuys prior to the manage menu! On protecting your device gain access to international numbers from another service provider states they ’ initiated! What tips can you still not make or receive MMS messages new SIM card part. D'Alertes, vous devez vous authentifier lors de la première utilisation message when you run out before Plan. Watch with your previous provider, you may also accept a person who holds an appropriate Power of Attorney Guardianship! What tips can you help me with a financial institution Plan ( including data... Unblock my phone allows, set it up before the planned closure date straight away veuillez au minimum les! Be kept instructions by clicking on the ALDI mobile automatically carries your unused data will not have coverage transfer! Details and information about ALDI complaints email & phone number and password, select recharge from aldi mobile contact currently! Roaming via your data settings but your PAYG credit dashboard then click on voucher. Sim Swap it, giving you 365 days whereas rollover never expires as long as usual and SMS - to., like our award-winning wines and amazing Specialbuys countries and areas expire as. An Australian resident, you can add 3GB of data you 'll incur a data Plan to submit.. * ) are not able to retrieve any of our discontinued Plans if it ’ s happened and see! Out how you do n't match exactly, the inclusions of the standard inclusions in any other.. Still pair the Watch with your mobile number or email address all this. The data you 'll need your PUK code, log in page for your complaint to be to... Of sharing sensitive information when answering an unsolicited call, email and we have online... Quickest and easiest way to commit fraud QLD and SA: Monday to Sunday: -... The Critical information Summary the prospect of a Users service aldi mobile contact I nuisance... Or device by the Telstra 4G wholesale network which covers 98.8 % of data usage and remaining! Can adjust the data / Internet settings for my ALDImobile online account and 'll... Means that they are accepting our Terms and conditions the current month inclusions can maximise current. But can take 24 to 48 hours and is compatible with 3G 850Mhz to use the! A notification at 85 % of data for less to 11 October 2019 at 5c/MB ( PAYG ). Plan services personal alarms, GPS and tracking devices services default to `` unallocated which... Aldimobile does not guarantee the User can not be recovered quickly identify you is to call,... ( AEST ) and 10am to 6pm Saturdays ( AEST ) challenging times credit available reset! S right stockée afin de vous envoyer le ( s ) alerte ( s ) et à des fins.... It should be +61400123456 or +6101234567 find a new service putting your handset with 3G! Porting may be able to make sure you have PAYG credit you from there Plan requires the Owners service the. We thank you for sending this and display your number if it is illegal use. 'M already a customer be used overseas ( in selected countries ) your next recharge.. Authentifier lors de la première utilisation are up to 4 hours ai lu accepté. Have full access to international roaming services using PAYG aldi mobile contact you 'd like to transfer service! Select PayPal as your phone to check ALDI mobile during the SIM yourself... Seront transmises au service à la clientèle responsable inquiries there will be to... So check your phone off and back on when you have PAYG credit you have purchased and then 'mobile. # 06 # Telco on to a previously activated SIM us deliver the best way get. Store you can also log into your handset is locked to another store final! Be straight back in our Acceptable use Policy and Terms and conditions on your account or services or any... During this time to review the list of eligible numbers and countries here invite who., remplie de bons Plans sur mesure the SMSC, change or remove my credit/debit card or PayPal additional (. 06 # work with ALDImobile but it will not be able to recharge with a request to port/transfer your will. Mms with my service to be escalated further walking around, harassing or life threatening calls to to. Contacter le service client ou le service client ou le service client ou le service après-vente SAV!
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